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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Freezer Meal Swap

Here Are Some Basic Group Guidelines:

We meet the first Saturday of the month.

We make one recipe per the number of participants. Each entree should yield 6 servings. This is optimal for most families, to have leftovers or a guest for dinner.

The recipes we chose should be able to be cooked or reheated by one of these ways – grilled, broiled, stove top, crock pot, microwave, and oven.

We email 2 recipes to the meal swap mailing list for the group to vote on.

Please bring prepared meals already frozen to the exchange site.

Bring prepared meals already frozen to the exchange site in a large cooler or clothes basket to carry the food.

Package food in containers that are freezable. Not all our has group has stand alone freezers. So we try to put most things in freezer bags whenever we can. We make sure we label all packages with the month/year, what it is and what it goes with. (Example: 3/08 – package 1. Beef Fajita Meat, 2. Beef Fajita Shells, & 3. Beef Fajita veggies.)

As for distributing recipes for the meal email them to the group organizer and she posts them to our blog.

Meals should only take 2 to 3 hours to prepare and package. We want this to be as stress free as we can.

If someone will be out of town/unavailable for the exchange date, you should arrange an alternate plan with the swap coordinator.

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